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Southwest Airlines wants to give you the freedom to fly nonstop from Houston's Hobby Airport (HOU) to Washington National Airport (DCA) all while enjoying Southwest Airlines' legendary Customer Service at a low price!

Join the growing list of American travelers in support of Southwest's application, and request that it be approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Sign the petition and let your voice be heard!

Citizens' Petition to the U.S. Department of Transportation
In Support of Southwest's Application for HOU-DCA Service
Docket No.: OST-2000-7182

Whereas Southwest is the Nation's largest domestic airline with a 41-year history of providing vigorous, low-fare competition in the markets it enters.

Whereas despite being the largest low-cost airline with a coast-to-coast domestic network, Southwest has only a few flights at DCA today. Due to the lack of low-fare competition, consumers who use DCA are often burdened with high fares and limited service options.

Whereas despite its size and importance, Greater Houston is restricted to monopoly air service to/from DCA today (provided at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, about 30 miles north of HOU). As result, the average ticket price in the DCA-Houston market is high compared to markets of similar size and distance where low-fare competition exists.

Whereas Houston Hobby Airport is one of the Nation's largest airports located within DCA's 1250-mile perimeter that does not have nonstop flights to/from DCA today. Southwest's service will provide new competition and travel options for tens of thousands of consumers flying between HOU and DCA annually.

Whereas Southwest's application will not only benefit consumers traveling between DCA and Houston, it will provide convenient, one-stop or connecting opportunities between DCA and several other cities without existing nonstop DCA service. The benefits of Southwest's new service and competition will therefore be felt far beyond Houston, to other points in Texas as well as in nearby states.

NOW, therefore, I join a growing list of U.S. travelers in support of Southwest's application, and I respectfully request its approval by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Sign the petition now!

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